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We understand that as parents of young children you will know best what your child will enjoy eating at nursery. At Sunshine Day Nursery, we emphasise the importance of a healthy diet and exercise and we provide healthy snacks, water and ordinary milk. We ask that you provide ready made bottles of formula milk and meals for the day.


The nursery promotes a high standard of hygiene in its work. Children are taught the importance of washing hands before meal times and after using the toilet. Disposable gloves and aprons are worn by staff when preparing food. Any food provided by parents is stored in a fridge (fridge temperatures are monitored daily), and should be labelled clearly with the child’s name. Food is heated thoroughly before serving.


Most special diets can be accommodated, please discuss this with our Manager.

Typical Lunch Menus

These hot meals are available for an additional cost and are provided by an outside catering contractor meeting all environmental health standards.

Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian Dessert


Organic soya spaghetti bolognaise
Tofu tomato pasta shells
Apricot flapjack with custard


Chicken & apple casserole with root vegetables
Beanie shepherds pie
Fruit salad


Fish crumble
Vegetarian meatballs
Mandarins with natural yoghurt


Lamb mousaka
Vegetable dansak
Chocolate rice pudding


Ham, tomato & pineapple bake
Sausage with butter bean mash
Vanilla ice cream


We are a nut free nursery. Even if your child is not allergic to nuts or seeds please do not bring these food items into the nursery. Nut allergies can be very serious and we are taking this measure to minimise the risk of children in our care suffering an allergic reaction.


Please ensure that you let us know if your child suffers from any allergies, this could be a food allergy, e.g. nuts, eggs or dairy produce or it could be an allergy to household items such as sticking plasters. We are always very careful at meal times to ensure that children with food allergies do not sit near other children who are eating that food type. Please feel free to discuss this further with our staff if you have any concerns.

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