We operate a Key Person system which ensures that your child is consistently cared for by the same member of staff. As much as possible, your child will be fed and have nappy changes with the same person and have play and social interaction with them throughout the day. We understand that young babies in particular need to develop a strong bond with their carer in order to feel secure.


Your child’s Key Person will work closely with you to provide the best care for your child while they are with us. They will provide you with information about your child’s day – their sleep patterns, how much food they have consumed, nappy changes, how they have been in themselves and particular activities they have enjoyed or anything they have disliked. This information will be shared with you when you collect your child and staff are always available should you need to discuss anything.


We also hold parents evenings throughout the year which give you an opportunity to find out more about your child’s development.

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